The Power Within

One of my favorite movies growing up (and even as an adult) was The Wizard of Oz. I learned many lessons about life from its symbolism. Without question, the most profound message I learned was that inner peace and happiness are never found “over the rainbow”, but in our own back yards (faith, family, and personal relationships). It was only at the end of her journey through Oz that Dorothy realized she always had the power within her to return home (to family and happiness). The magic of the ruby slippers in truth resided within her. But first she had to believe; not in the slippers, but in herself.

That message has resonated with me over the years regarding many other aspects of life. I see a very strong connection between this human truth and how we manage diabetes (and that of our children).

Let’s face it. Many of us may be looking for a Ruby Slippers solution to our blood sugar control challenges. Or a “Wizard of Oz" to rescue us from our predicament. Our ruby slippers may be the latest blood sugar meter, some new diabetes care tool, an app, a state of the art insulin pump, a new pill, or a novel investigational therapy that might just “cure” our diabetes altogether.