Hyperthyroidism and type 1 diabetes

I have previously explained the most common hormone deficiency in persons with type 1 diabetes: hypothyroidism (low thyroid) due to a common autoimmune disorder known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis (model gland shown on the right). I will next explain the opposite state created by an overactive thyroid and also driven by a misdirected immune system. This condition is called Graves' disease (a specific type of hyperthyroidism, the gland shown on the left; the middle is an example of a normal size thyroid wrapped around the windpipe).

The first president Bush (George H. W. Bush) was found to have this condition after he was initially discovered to have the heart condition atrial fibrillation in May, 1991. Looking back, he had also experienced weight loss and fatigue, plus a noticeable change in his hand writing most likely due to the tremor that goes along with hyperthyroidism. There are many major and minor symptoms of overactive thyroid which often get dismissed as something else until the evidence is almost undeniable. In short, too much thyroid hormone accelerates