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Sugar Surfing, Kids and Carbs

I'm often asked if kids with type 1 diabetes can benefit from Dynamic Diabetes Management (aka Sugar Surfing™). I will allow these images make a statement. They have been collected over the past few weeks. Each was spontaneuously submitted from families of children who CHOOSE to Sugar Surf.

One point that is important to make here is that no one can be compelled to Sugar Surf. There must be a willingness of the child, teen, or adult to be an active participant in this process. A parent will be frustrated in trying to apply Sugar Surfing principles to a son or daughter who is not ready or willing to participate.

Sugar Surfing is does not require an insulin pump, nor a low-carb lifestyle, to be effective. But Surfers CAN choose these options and also succeed too. School personnel can help but must be willing to learn the method.

Sugar Surfing is not an "all or none" proposition either. From time to time Surfers may be forced to follow static management guidelines. They Surf when the situation allows. There is nothing wrong with this.

But when kids are invested and willing to be active Surfers, the results can be quite impressive.

Sugar Surfing is a choice.

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