Sugar Surfing is a step-wise process

Sugar Surfing™ success comes in steps.

As I explain in the book Sugar Surfing, achieving dominance over your blood sugar trendline takes patience, consistency, and resilience. Since 2012, thousands of Sugar Surfers are steering and shaping their glycemic trend lines and patterns better and better each day, week, month and year they apply principles outlined in the book and/or by attending live workshops.

Parents of children and teens of diabetes are seeing comparable results.

Understandably, manipulating the glycemic trends of another person come with additional task of capturing their time and interest to participate with dynamic diabetes management principles and practices. But as many parents can attest, success can be found Sugar Surfing with children of all ages.

Success comes in small steps. Sugar Surfing is not a recipe, it’s a process. It’s a practiced skill which is maintained and developed over time. Therefore, many of you new to Sugar Surfing may ask why others seem to have results which still elude you.