How to Sugar Surf™ a Pizza

Slices of hot pizza are a true delight for most people of all ages. However, those of us with type 1 diabetes often eat pizza with some amount of trepidation. It may even be a food "to be avoided at all costs". Sugar Surfers see pizza as just another glycemic challenge to dominate.

In this post I will describe how to Sugar Surf a few slices of thin crust pizza. Three to be exact. You will note some methods which may fly in the face of ‘static thinking’ common sense.

In the image, three slices of thin-crust pizza are eaten while I’m trending along a glycemic shelf (a relatively straight BG trend line shaded in green). My “starting” insulin to carbohydrate ratio is 1 unit for 10 grams of carbs. I review the carbs for this pizza (thin crust) and it amounts to 22 grams per slice.

I’m not using a pump. I choose to take 6 uni