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Accept no substitutes...

From the beginning, I've taught that Sugar Surfing™ is NOT a diet. It's a decision making system based on rapid visual analysis of common patterns in a CGM trendline. Recently during a search we came across the blatant misuse of Sugar Surfing™ for an online promotion of a "personalized meal plan" service on a website claiming it was "recommended" by me (see below).

This is FALSE.

Beware of any other online promotions for diabetes related products or services which state they are endorsed or recommended by me, Stephen Ponder MD, or are somehow related to Sugar Surfing™. Our non profit diabetes education organization does not endorse any products or services outside of the specific diabetes advocacy groups linked to the website.

We are very grateful that Sugar Surfing™ (Dynamic Diabetes Management, Inc.) has become so popular over the last several years. But with this popularity comes new risks of misuse of the term Sugar Surfing™ or misstatements about endorsements by me or my co-author Kevin McMahon.

If you come across any advertisements or sales promotions invoking Sugar Surfing™ endorsements or use of mine of Kevin’s name in particular, please send an email to Thanks for all the wonderful support from the diabetes online community.

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