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Sugar Surfing™ Visual Quiz

Sugar Surfing™ is based on rapid visual pattern recognition as one glances at a CGM trendline pattern. The interpretation of the trend can change “in the moment” and is influenced by the relative significance of the trending pattern in relation to very recent, ongoing, and immediately anticipated actions of the Surfer (insulin, food, activity, stress, medications).

There are 6 basic features or structures that are constantly being displayed on the trendline. Once the Sugar Surfer can quickly “see” these structures (which I refer to as 'visual heuristics' or short cuts), the foundation is laid to start making “in the moment” self-care decisions and choices aimed at altering or re-shaping the trend line to follow. This is one way I maintain "time in range" blood glucose values in the mid to high 90% range.

Trendline pattern recognition is a skill which improves with frequent glancing, practice, and time. In this post, see how many of the key Sugar Surfing structures you can identify on this 6-hour CGM trendline.

The answers are at the bottom of this post. Try NOT to look until you have tried to identify these yourself. Good luck!


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