The other day, I was discussing Sugar Surfing™ with a t1d teen in clinic. She is a competitive softball player; a pitcher. As I reviewed blood sugar levels on her CGM, most were elevated. Her glucose readings before breakfast were generally in range. But during the day they tended to go up and stay up.

I asked her how many insulin doses she injected each day. Her answer was immediate: “I dose with each meal”. Next, I inquired how often she checks her BG level. Again, she responded “I check before each meal with my meter”. The logbook data I reviewed affirmed this and did not appear to be fabricated or altered.

Next, the blood sugar meter readings I reviewed showed a trend of out of range (high) blood sugars before lunch, dinner and bedtime. The CGM summary report confirmed this. As she reported, the morning blood sugars were generally the lowest. She had reported no significant